A short game where you need to find your 100 missing sheeps.

June 13th 2019: ver. 0.0.03 - fixed major tile collision bug

June 14th 2019: back to ver. 0.0.02 - due to new, unexpected major bug in the newer version the game is reverted back to the more tolerable version.


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Nice job, I like the sheep radar.

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Thank you for playing and giving feedback.

I'm glad you liked the sheep radar. I knew players would need it since even I, the developer needed it when testing ;)

I enjoyed the sheep sounds. Cute how they were all different. I got stuck in the bottom left and had to retry. Not sure if i'm missing something but some ledges seem impossible to get up :)

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Thank you for the feedback.

I suppose I really made the exit for the bottom left are not so obvious didn't I? Other players complained the same thing but I forgot to give a hint about this. You had to go to the left and climb the floating islands. The player can jump 3 blocks high and around 5 blocks horizontally and reach a 3-block-high ledge.

P.S.: Hate to break it to you, but the sheep sounds are actually the same sound. Their pitch is just randomized :)

Fun game! Excellent interpretation of the theme. I especially liked the parallax on the background trees, the home-recorded sheep sounds, and the crazy-long leaps. Probably no one else will have this particular reaction, but your shepherd runs up and down stairs (with W continually pressed) the way I do in my dreams, so I found it strangely calming and reassuring. I know that when I made my first platformer in Unity (OK, only platformer so far), I thought of the character clinging to the walls as a bug, but I like the way it works in your game, because it seemed like I got an extra chance sometimes if my shepherd almost made his jump: I could imagine him barely holding on with his toes and swaying and scrambling to try to get to the top of the cliff. I thought the map was just large and complex enough to provide a challenge, especially given the radar that showed up at exactly the right time. Rule tiles are cool, aren't they? My only suggestion for you (for your next platformer probably, since you may be done with this one) is to click on your original sprite sheet of tiles and have it render one pixel less per unit: or at least do this on the background tile(s). I found Unity sometimes flashing gaps between the tiles if I had them rendering at their native size, and I saw this in your game. 

Oh, I just saw that you're going to try Godot. I haven't used it, but I hope it works for you. Good luck, and thanks again for the fun game.

Hey thank you very much for the reply and feedback. I appreciate the positive reaction here since actually until a few days ago the game was very buggy and clunky. I'm glad after following the advices of a more experienced Unity user I finally fixed all the bugs. But yeah, I'm moving to Godot. Unity doesn't seem to be built for 2D.

By the way this might be disappointing to hear, but the sheep sounds aren't home recorded. They actually came from freesound.org lol and I just randomize the pitch.

I think ewe did really well.

Thanks for playing and the feedback.

To be honest I really could've and should've done better and spent more time on this project. I thought the concept was too simple and not so creative/unique so I didn't give my all  this time despite having much more free time than usual - the reactions I've got so far actually said otherwise though.

I really like the artwork! It's fun to run around and jump. I also like climbing on the walls, not sure if that was intentional or not, but I like it!

When I move, there is a lot of jitter in the background elements that bugs my eyes a bit. Also, I got stuck in the ground at one point, ending that run.

Thank you for playing and the feedback.

 I was only very recently made aware of the new 'stuck in the ground' bug. Both climbing on the walls and getting stuck on the ground are not intentional. Looks like in an attempt to fix one bug I actually created an even bigger, more major bug.  Damn.


Cool game, liked the pixel art especially those background trees (though they are bloody enormous). I appreciated the sheep radar that popped up eventually. The parallaxing effect on them though is really jerky when you're moving quickly.

I'm not sure why your character bumps off the ground so much. When I've used unity tilemaps in the past I've never had that problem. Are you using a tilemap collider combined with a composite collider? Are all your tile assets the same size? When you're importing the tiles, are you slicing them according to grid rather than automatic?


Thank you for playing the game and giving feedback.

I'm sorry that the character bumps so much. I'm aware of that problem but I don't know how to fix it since I don't know what to search for.

The problem is that some tiles are slightly jotted out because they are technically separate objects. In the past it's even worse as sometimes you can get stuck when walking - I partially solved it by changing the player's bottom collider with circle, and the result is the bumping everybody experiences.

You never had that problem? I think I really need some help here... I'm using tilemap collider with no composite collider. All my tile assets are the same size. I slice them manually according to grid size (32 x 32). Additional probably unrelated information I downloaded and used the 'rule tile' (autotile) asset for the game. If you can tell me on what I did wrong I will highly appreciate it.


I don't know much about the ruletile asset, but this is what I usually do for tilemaps:

  1. Create assets at all the same size in the same file, power of 2 sizes (Which it sounds like you did)
  2. Import the asset, set sprite mode to multiple, open sprite editor
  3. Slice by grid size (Which it sounds like you did)
  4. Create the tilemap with a tilemap collider and a composite collider. Check the option in tilemap collider "Use by composite." This causes the tilemap to become one large collider instead of many small ones, and I'm hoping this solves the problem.
  5. Add asset to the palette and build the tilemap.

Also, I noticed your character is getting stuck on walls. You can add a physics material 2d to your character with zero friction to allow the character to slide on walls.

I think I will try the composite collision thingy as soon as I get home today - hopefully it works. I thought the only possible solution is to put large collision boxes manually.

Character getting stuck in the wall is also the tile collision problem. Those slightly jotted out tiles sometimes cause your head to bump when jumping, and can also get you stuck. I have put slippery material onto my player and the tilemaps.


Thank you very much, your method worked. I had to change my ground checking method tho since for some reasons my OverlapArea can't recognize the composite collider of the tile map... But on the flip side since now all the tiles are united I can just use the much simpler OnTriggerEnter2D and OnTriggerExit2D ^^


Awesome, glad I could be of help! 

Well I'd be damned. I fixed that issue but I got alerted that other issues suddenly showed up. Apparently players can sink to the ground in the new "fixed" version - the issue didn't  come up when I tested it so it was a huge surprise. Oh well, I guess it's time to say goodbye to Unity. I'm moving to Godot.


the map is very difficult to navigate and I got stuck on the bottom left of it. couldn't jump that high. jumping is also challenging because the player avatar is bouncing on the tiles.

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Thank you for your feedback.

Yeah I suppose I made the map quite big and complex, I'll keep that in mind and make the map simpler for my next project if I ever make something like this again.

Also are you sure you really got stuck? The player can jump 3 blocks high - and can reach 3 block high ledge that is around 5 blocks away. To get out from the bottom left part there should be a ledge and some islands that can be used to the top left of that section. Perhaps I should give some hints of that for future players.

As for the bouncing... I'm trying to fix the problem. Hopefully I can fix this soon... If not I'll be using a different engine for my next game since this problem doesn't exist in the engine I'm currently trying to move to. 


I feel like God when pressing the up arrow..!

 After find the 100 sheep nothing happened..!! You should put  end credits or game complete message. That's what everyone love♥

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Thank you for your comment. And holy cow you streamed my game? Damn, thank you very much! I really appreciate it.

That's odd... the end screen didn't show? It was unfortunate because I actually put it there and it always appeared when I tested it... It's just a simple "You have found your 100 sheeps! Play Again?" but that's a shame that it didn't show...

EDIT: I WAS SO STUPID OF COURSE IT DIDN'T SHOW!! I forgot that Unity doesn't automatically build all the scenes and I had to set them up myself!

EDIT 2: FIXED IT! Now the ending should show for future players! Again, thank you for streaming it and alerting me of the bug!

P.S.: Try streaming other people's games that are submitted for WGJ100 this week too. I find the submission "Billy's Trip to School" a pretty fun one, and I'm pretty sure tomorrow there will be a lot more fun submissions for your viewers to watch


Super clunky controls. Some part of the map are hard to navigate. 

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Thank you for your feedback. The game is kind of rushed and I unfortunately had to submit it in that condition despite knowing that there are some issues.

I'm aware of the clunky control, and if you mean it the same way I imagine it, it is tile collision problem. On the engine I used to make this, some tiles are sometimes slightly jotted out despite precise position, and so when walking, jumping, or landing, sometimes there are bumping and sudden bouncings. I have tried to find a proper solution for it but unfortunately couldn't find a good solution so I had to submit it with this clunky control - thinking of using another engine next time to avoid this problem again.

As for the map, I suppose I could've made the layout much simpler. I will keep that in mind for my next game jam.