Fugo is a foreigner, and is still not too familiar with the way things work here. This is a story when he got a corner seat when riding the subway... Later he learnt he should've set an alarm clock to wake him up exactly when the train arrived at his destination. 

Made for Weekly Game Jam 114, this is a short game based on true, personal story... though obviously to a much lesser degree. It's a very short game with little gameplay, but I hope you enjoy. :)


WSAD/Arrow Keys - move

(Because I wanted to test my Japanese language, I made this game primarily in Japanese.)

(To those who speak Japanese: If you find any weird or wrong Japanese, please let me know... because I'm still learning Japanese.)

(To those who don't speak Japanese, please don't worry, because there is English translation)


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Nice work. I like the art work in the subway section a lot! The second section is simpler, but that fits given what is happening. It's cool that you made it all in Japanese too! (Unfortunately, I have no Japanese language skills. Watching subbed anime doesn't count, haha...)

Speaking as someone with very limited game making time right now, I can appreciate mini story games like these!

I found one bug though... if you replay after completing a playthrough, the walking controls don't work anymore on the train.

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Thanks for playing... This one was quite simple but I'm glad you enjoyed it. I actually made this game just to test my own JP skill since I recently passed JLPT N3; so there wasn't much gameplay. Also wanted to test a new JP support font.

Also crap to me... I missed that one line to allow movement after restart :P