The city of Fischendorf has been devastated by severe Blizzard lately. Imperial soldier is dispatched to a nearby mountain to investigate the anomaly.

Development log


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Nice job! I didn't think the end boss was too difficult, though maybe a little annoying at times. I liked the artwork, especially the cutscenes with the boss, great touch! However, I do agree with the comment about the controls. 

The jump feels floaty and odd, and the attacks aren't very satisfying and feel slow. If this were to be pushed further, those are the #1 things I'd like to see improved. The level probably doesn't need to be as vertical as it is right now. With a smaller and more responsive jump, you could focus more on fighting through the level horizontally. The boss is already on a mostly flat plane, so the huge jump isn't needed there either.

Anyway, I beat and enjoyed it! Your games have tons of potential, keep it up!

Thank you for playing and the feedback. Yes, I suppose this game is much better turned into something more action oriented. I plan to expand on this game a little more later on, so all these feedbacks have been super helpful.

Awesome, I'm excited to see what you expand!

The game atmosphere isn't that bad, but some design mistakes ruin the global experience. I'll point them up for you, hoping you don't do them again in the future :

1. The character can jump way too high. It feels unnatural and make enemies unnecessary to fight. They're just too easy to avoid, this kind of things should be about getting the good timing. 

2. The character designs don't stand out enough : You have a white haired & white dressed character in a blizzard, fighting against a white dressed girl throwing white snow balls. It's just hard to follow... Lisibility is essential.

3. The boss mechanics are problematic. The player was never introduced to these kinds of abilities and will likely be cought off guard, it would have worked better if other creatures would throw some snowballs at you as well.

But even if this was the case,  it's still too hard.
It's too unpredictible to make up for a strategy and too fast to act on reflexes.

4. Don't make the boss leave the camera field so often. The fact that she can teleport herself without even being touched feels unfair and not fun. 

5. Also, put more effort into your sound design; it makes the whole experience unpleasant. 

Still, I like your work on textures and colors, so keep going!
Of course, these critics are only here to help.

Hey, thanks for playing and all the constructive feedbacks, I appreciate it, really - it's rare to see someone put this much effort to point out what can be improved from my game.

1. & 3. Yeah... I was actually planning to add another type of enemy, a snowman that can shoot snowballs, but due to time constraint of the game jam I couldn't. The majority of my game jam was spent trying to learn and adapt with this new engine.

And yeeeaaaaah I really should've made the boss easier. Forgot the rule of thumb of game design: if the difficulty feels "just right" for you as the developer, it's probably way too hard.

2. Ah, this. I actually kind of felt the same way when testing, so I made the background a little bit darker. I didn't know how else I could make the character stand out a bit more though... Perhaps I should've  darkened the  blizzard and the snow blocks a bit  darker too and made the background slightly more orange-y pretending this were evening or something - this way the characters and enemies would stand out more.

4.  I guess this can be improved by giving a hint whenever she's about to teleport. By the way her new location can actually be deduced by the direction of the blizzard, but I really should've somehow pass this information to the player... Or maybe make the arena smaller?

5. I guess I really did get a lot of complaints about the sound design yeah. The sounds were indeed the last thing I put into the game and were made hastily - some of them were even directly taken from freesound. Honestly, I don't know how to or what tools I can use to make SFX... I also should've made some BGMs but again... time constraint.

Again, thank you very much for the constructive feedbacks. It really helps me.

Taking sounds from Freesounds isn't a problem, but you must learn how to give them a personality. 
I personally like to use Reaper, a program that is easy to understand and free. With it you'll be able to mix several sounds to make more complexe ones.  When I have to make a sound, I always put at least three different sounds in Reaper, but I can even put twelve for some short effects! Nevertheless I never have any problem to keep track of them, and I'm not even that good with it.

Make yourself a list of sounds you appreciate, musical instruments and other stuff that can be useful like woosh effects. 
Avoid sounds that are already heavily edited as they wouldn't be very interesting for you to learn.
And just start toying around with it. 

One trick that can help you start is doing the following :
 - Double-click on a sound-track on Reape. 
 - Uncheck Preserve pitch when changing rate
-  Push Alt, then stretch the sound

That'll allow you to make easy pitch variations from the same sound.

Hey, thanks for the suggestion.  I'll download the program and try it as soon as I can. You have been very helpful.

exception thrown: TypeError: GLctx is undefined,_glGetString@

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Oh no... May I ask how or when exactly you got the error? It's next to impossible to track down the problem with just those error codes since I don't know what exactly the game was trying to do but did not have access to...

it crashed on start.

That's... not a good sign.

Are you using firefox? If you aren't you probably should try again using firefox. My guess is that the game is not supported on some browsers, but at least firefox works for me.