Hi. I'm the host of the #MagicalGirlGameJam, Ran d'Reille

This game is my submission for my own game jam.

Kirika's friend Goroko has been kidnapped by some Yakuza. Fight through the enemies and the boss, and rescue her friend!

Kirika has got three modes:

  • the Dual Gun mode has low firepower, but lets you move quickly
  • the Assault Rifle mode lets you attack at a faster rate, but you move very slowly in this mode
  • the Shotgun mode has got immense firepower and lets you move at a reasonable speed, but you can only attack enemies in close range in this mode


  • I Won't Rely on Anyone Anymore
  • My Very Best Friend


  1. In the beginning of the game, there is a recommendation for using a gamepad or PS stick -- but this game is still playable using keyboard. That screen is... an Easter Egg :3
  2. The Linux version of this game has not been tested



Gamepad/PS Stick
Left Analog: Movement
D-Pad Left, Up, and Right: Change Mode (Dual Gun, Assault, Shotgun)
XBOX X/PS Square: Attack
XBOX Y/PS Triangle: Alternative Attack
Start: Pause


Arrow Keys: Movement
A, S, D: Change Mode
Z: Attack
X: Alternative Attack
Space: Jump


I must admit... although I encouraged people to make out-of-the-box game designs for this jam, creativity is not my strongest point... This game is... normal to say the least (^.^;

While I have got a little bad experience by aiming too high in the past, I realized this time I aimed way too low -- after seeing what others submitted (Thank you for submitting such great games ^^) I realized that my own submission is way too humble. I actually planned to have a Shield Magical Girl buddy that would be able to be summoned to guard against enemy attacks with L1/R1 (XBOX's LB/RB) and said Shield Magical Girl would also be able to be summoned as a temporary platform with L2/R2 (XBOX's LT/RT) -- fitting the "My Very Best Friend" theme exactly. That idea ended up getting scrapped because I thought I wouldn't have enough time for that and that it might break the game -- well turned out I probably had the time, and after making the enemies I realized that hey, the Shield Magical Girl idea would've worked really well. But because I aimed way too low, some of the time that I actually had got wasted procrastinating :(

Engine used: Godot v3.1

Music composed using FL Studio 20. Please forgive the amateurish quality of the music. I composed the musics myself -- and I'm no musician :P

Please enjoy this humble game :)

Known bugs:

  • For some reasons the explosions of the boss are glitchy in the browser version. It works fine in my game editor
  • In the browser mode, the game breaks if you try to play the game after pressing the Exit button
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorRan d'Reille
GenrePlatformer, Shooter
TagsMagic, Pixel Art, Robots, Tanks


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