A weird outsider accidentally entered Gensokyo. This is what happened to the people of Gensokyo as he insults the identity of each of them (ft. Reisen U. Inaba, Kaguya Houraisan, and Reimu Hakurei (also Marisa - mentioned only))


Arrow keys: move

Z: shoot

It's not much but honest work


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The game would hang up momentarily for me every time a large amount of bullets spawned.

Thank you for playing and giving feedback.

I'm quite aware of the issue especially during the second phase of Reisen there. The bullets spawned seem to be very resource intensive due to their complex behaviour. As much as I want to fix it though... I couldn't see any way to optimize it further as of now (sorry). The only solution is to decrease the number of bullets, which is not viable...

Sorry but we had to remove this from the Touhou jam 4 submission pool. We were clear in stating that we don't want any games promoting bigotry or specifically spiting the LGBT theme, and the sexual themes here appear to be intentionally doing so.

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I understand. I'm sorry if they were too sexual for the jam standard. I would like to say however that I had no intention of being sexual or promoting bigotry or even spitting on the LGBT theme - I was trying my best to avoid that theme and went for the other, as I don't know what's acceptable and what's too offensive for that theme.

If you were referring to some of the jokes in the game, they were direct references to some recent animes (the thigh joke were from the Fall 2018 anime Bunny Girl Senpai, the "Wiener" joke were from the Winter 2019 anime Kaguya-sama). If you find the jokes too sexual I respect your decision to remove it, and I'm sorry. However, once again, I hope that you understand that I absolutely have no intention of making stereotypes or being offensive to the LGBT community. I was confused to find my game removed this morning, thank you for informing me the reason why the game was removed.

Thank you for understanding. It's hard to tell intentions from just playing a game sometimes so sorry if I was a bit blunt about that. We've had more than our fair share of problems to deal with during this jam haha. That being said, yeah it does still feel like the heteronormative and sexual themes make this not a good fit for the space we've created during this jam. Thank you for being so understanding about this, and I hope you enjoy the games we've made.

Thank you for understanding my intention. I will enjoy the games others have made and will try my best if I see another Touhou Fan Game Jam on itch