Made for Weekly Game Jam 118, a simple, standard SHMUP game.

A lot has been going on this week (e.g.: Typhoon Hagibis) so unfortunately I could only submit a very simple game this time. This game is actually made as a malleable prototype that I can easily modify for future use.


  • Arrow Keys: move
  • Z: Shoot
  • LShift: Strafe/Slow Move

Have fun :)

P.S.: For some reasons my PC can't test my engine's exported HTML5 anymore... I think Windows updates are to blame. If anyone faces the same problem please let me know. Because of this I also upload the exe version of this game.


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Yes. I beated him. Great controls. But it's a little bit annoying to press the button to restart. Would be nice if the z button also works.


Noted. I guess it'd be much better if the game has full keyboard only control...

"Demon Slain", the boss reminds me off this boss.


Nice prototype! The HTML5 version worked fine for me. It was pretty hard, but I'm not great at this type of game, so I might not be a good judge. I did beat it though, so the difficulty balance is probably just right for me!

It'll be cool to see what you do with this moving forward.

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Wow really? I actually intended this to be very easy tbh - I suppose my difficulty standard for SHMUP has been greatly skewed by a year of playing Touhou XD

Thanks for playing. Very glad to know the HTML5 works fine for you - I suppose I will be uploading the HTML5 version still then

Haha, like I said, I'm not great at these games. Since I finished it, it must not be too hard! :)