Where is this place? It doesn't look familiar at all! OH NO!! A GOLEM BOSS FIGHT!?!?


WSAD: Move


Left-Click: Attack

Esc: Pause

Made for WGJ 106: "Oh No!", also a side story to a future game about to be released in a month. I must admit this game is quite rushed - in particular the BGM which was quickly composed in a day by someone with no proper music theory knowlede. It's not much, but please have fun ^^


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Hey! I see your character has returned from the game with the ice spirit. The controls in this one are a big improvement from her previous outing, nice work! Music theory knowledge or not, it sounds decent to me. The sound and music work well! GFX are good too.

I found one little bug... if you beat the game, and then choose replay, your character starts with any damage for the previous battle still on them.

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Thanks for playing and the feedback

I have kind of grown fond of that character lol. She will return again in a month for another game jam - won't be participating in any WGJ again till the end of August

Shoot! I fixed the Game Over HP bug but forgot the Win Screen should have the same problem :(

Need to wait until tonight to fix it...

EDIT: Fixed them. Thanks for the alert.