Defend the tree from unfriendly plants... with your sickle... or by planting stationary plants to shoot them for you!


Move: WSAD (or arrow keys)

Swing Sickle: Left-click (or Z)

Throw Seed: Right-click (or X)

Pause: Esc


May 23rd 2019 - ver. Fixed the bug of mana getting into negative, and other bugfixes.

May 26th 2019 - ver. 0.0.03: Added Audio and some minor bugfixes

May 29th 2019 - ver. 0.0.04: Added wall plant and seed

June 8th 2019 - ver. Slight change to graphics


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Nice job! Simple and fun. It captures a lot of the spirit of what I was attempting with my entry, but failed to nail down in time.

The graphic look is nice, and it's fun to collect items and buy upgrades.

Thanks! This was my first game jam and was not sure how it would turn out, seems like it was acceptable.