Here you are... finally face to face with the physics teacher who once gave you nightmares every week. You have got a chance once and for all to do your revenge to him. Good luck though, he made a robot that is not easy to defeat at all ;)


  • Arrow Keys: move
  • Z: attack
  • Esc: Pause
  • SHIFT: Strafe/Slow movement

Tips for players not familiar with bullet hell:

  1. The player hitbox is not the whole sprite: just the tiny red circle near the hand
  2. Most bullet hitbox are slightly smaller than the sprite suggests - though it's better safe than sorry, this is just for your information
  3. When the boss shoots barrages of aimed bullets, you should move slowly/slightly - try to lead the bullets to just one section of the arena instead of moving wildly and filling the entire screen with bullets

Issue: I don't know why, but for some reasons the SFX is kind of slightly delayed when I tried playing it on my browser as of now. The issue doesn't exist when I played it outside my browser, but that is what happens when playing in the browser. I will see if I can fix it before the jam ends.

This project is kind of recycled from my previous game made for Touhou Fan Game Jam 4, which I did not do well at all. Seeing how the theme of this week's WGJ is already completely similar to that game, I quickly recycled and turned it into this game. The gameplay and the main character is the same, but the boss is completely changed. Also added more SFX compared to the ash it came from


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Really good game! The boss has really good variety in its attacks. The part with the fire crashed my browser though...

Thank you for playing. I appreciate the feedback.

Wait... CRASHED!?!?? Oh no... I'm sorry for that. I have reduced the number of fire too :(

The attack patterns got more interesting towards the end as they became more touhou style. The biggest problem is just the major FPS drop when there are many bullets on screen, mainly starting from the fire phase and onward.

(Did you perhaps forget to mention holding shift slows down movement?)

Thank you for playing and feedback

Yeah. I am more or less aware of the FPS problem. I tried to fix the "Patchouli's Agni Shine" stage by reducing the number of bullets to around 0.8 the previous amount - but still laggy it seems; and just gave up fixing the last pattern.

Also... HOLY CRAP I COULDN'T BELIEVE I FORGOT THAT!!! O_O It's so instinctive to me I forgot to include that very very important information...

In regards to the FPS are you maybe not destroying objects when they go off screen? 

I do. Though I guess I only destroy it after they go some distance off screen as there are some bullets that have a possibility to re-enter due to their trajectory...

Though I just realized that unlike my previous game this was recycled from, only one type of bullet this time has a possibility of re-entering the screen (the fire), and even then they only need a small margin. I'll see if reducing the margin a bit will fix the lag.

Not Bad! i really like interesting artstyle.

I think we might have had the same Physics teacher. I enjoyed playing the game. For next time add player animations and shoot at varies directions. For the bullet hell look up Object Pooling or destroy bullets after a certain time. Good stuff though 

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Thank you for playing and the feedback.

Lol I see you also had killer physics teacher. The teacher I was referring to actually teaches pretty well if I were honest - as in what heteaches can be easily understood... but still...

he is not mean... he is just evil ^^

Also the bullets are actually destroyed after going some distances away from the screen... dunno what object pooling is tho... will look it up after I get home tonight (now is 11AM for me)

Again, thanks for playing

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The boss's different stages and various attack patterns are great.

Object Pooling will greatly reduce lag much more than destroy bullet ever will. (The reason is because it will create the objects beforehand so you will just have a loading time in the beginning. Creating gameobject in the fire stage is extremely laggy)

I'm not particularly great at bullet hell, but I made it several stages in. Plenty of cool attack patterns! I like the variety. I found that once I hit the "fireball" stage I got a lot of lag as the bullets were generated. Same on the following missile stage, which is where I finally ran out of health.

Nice job overall! I may give it another try when I have some time.

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Thanks for playing

It was laggy by fire stage? That's a little bit of a shame, since it didn't lag when I played it on my computer.

Good job reaching that far into the stage though. After the head was destroyed the patterns were basically taken from Touhou 6 EoSD and I didn't expect normal players to pass beyond the laser part lol - completely well done

Btw after that missile phase there is just one more pattern.

the drop frame